About Us

During the past 30 years, HilburgAssociates has pioneered the development of trust architecture and alchemy. Building and reestablishing brand trust underpins everything we do. Some of the measurable difference we’ve made for clients:

Catapulted 8 FMCG brands into Fortune Magazine’s “most admired” rankings

Created US $ 2.2 billion in new business revenue for major international publishing/ entertainment brand

Increased profits by 27% for one of Latin America’s largest financial service brands by inventing a values-based productivity and engagement strategies

Built cross-cultural understanding and trust amongst employees and across franchisees of a multinational financial services firm that contributed 200% revenue growth over three years

Saved four global chemical brands US $750 million by helping them win environmental lawsuits and resolve difficult infrastructure challenges

Saved an energy brand US $1 billion by resolving an environmental crisis

Resolved labor dispute for international technology client saving 2,300 jobs and US $ 986 million investment

Created communication strategies for 107 successful civil and criminal court cases


President and CEO of HilburgMalan, is a widely recognized as a global pioneer of crisis, litigation and brand threat management strategies. As a confidant and senior advisor to a range of international CEOs, country presidents, entrepreneurs and well-known celebrities he has, for 35 years, been the first call by private and public sector leaders as a problem-solver on high-stake issues threatening private and public sector brand trust.


Alan opened an Africa office to address the needs of a long-standing Wall Street private equity client, which triggered the business expansion to Africa.


The Los Angeles Times wrote, “Hilburg is the first person a CEO calls when their brand is under attack.” Advertising Age said of Alan, “he brings a new horizon to the emotional branding narrative.”


Alan is credited with introducing trust building strategies for JP Morgan Chase, National Geographic, Four Season Hotels, Micron, H-P, National Basketball Association, Gillette, Johnson Wax and numerous other global brands. He also created and managed three of the top ten brand trust campaigns of the 20th century: Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef?”; GE’s “Bring Good Things to Life”; and the creation of the AT&T ‘Olympic Torch Run.’


As a pioneer in crisis resolution and brand protection he led the Johnson & Johnson team in the textbook management of the Tylenol crisis. He has led the teams to mitigate many of the major global brand crises of the past 30 years.


Additionally, Alan established the practice of litigation communications (bringing marketing strategies into winning litigation) and has successfully defended clients in 108 civil and criminal trials.


Alan has also authored two NY Times national best-selling books on leadership, received an Academy Award nomination for the world’s first environmental film and several awards in marketing and television production.


He is a lecturer at the University of California and George Mason University in the U.S. as well as a guest lecturer at eight universities globally.


“We understand how to protect clients against the high cost of low trust”