Employee engagement trends 2017

Author: Luleka Mtongana
Posted: February 10, 2017
Source: GIBS News

Engaging employees to create effective teams that win in the workplace, as well as in the marketplace, is a challenge common across industries, President of HilburgMalan Alan Hilburg told a recent Forum at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS).

Hilburg said a central challenge facing human resources teams in the year ahead is the need to establish the function as an integral business partner by “being fluent in the language of business,” thereby demonstrating its contribution to bottom line. “Business plans don’t deliver results, people do,” Hilburg said.

Becoming an integral business partner
“Human resources need to be able to talk strategy to anyone in the business, in the business context,” Hilburg said. Sappi Group Head of Human Resources Fergus Marupen said employee engagement is central to boosting productivity: HR should decide on and implement simple enhancements to boost productivity and to engage with employees, he argued.

“Solutions must be business solutions, with an HR slant, and must be executed with speed. There is a clear need for the simplification of HR systems, policies and interactions with leadership,” Marupen said.